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Affinity Diagram Process

Affinity Diagram Process

The Affinity Diagram app allows you to create and categorize an unlimited number of cards, each with a unique idea. Select any of eight colors for cards including green, yellow, blue, red, white, black, light gray and dark gray. Organize cards by color and in columns to create affinity groupings.App Details »
Balanced Scorecard

Balanced Scorecard

A balanced scorecard approach that captures the business vision, strategic goals, objectives, metrics and action plans. Create an unlimited number of scorecards and organize by Financial, Customer, Internal, and Learning scorecard categories.App Details »
Brainstorm Process

Brainstorming Process

Use the Brainstorm app to run a complete team brainstorm process. Includes templates for defining your problem or challenge statement, setting team norms, categorizing ideas, creating evaluation criteria, scoring and prioritizing ideas, and more. Export your ideas to a spreadsheet file anytime.App Details »
Business Objectives

Business Objectives

A simple approach for defining strategic business objectives, related action plans, and key metrics. Includes a summary dashboard to track overall progress.
Business Strategy Process

Business Strategy Process

A complete, guided process for building a fully integrated business strategy including exploring emerging trends, gaining customer and consumer insights, defining the competitive landscape, building a value proposition, defining strategic goals and objectives, and establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress.
Business Strategy Templates

Business Strategy Tools & Templates

All the most fundamental business strategy tools and templates including vision, mission, values, competitive analysis, SWOT analysis and more.Details »
Change Management Process

Change Management Process

A change management model and process that includes a number of sequential steps related to the key phases of change: Design, Align, Engage, Implement and Support. The process begins with developing a “Change Charter” document with each phase including supporting tools and dashboards to support the process and track progress.

Change Management Templates

All the most fundamental change management tools and templates including Impact Analysis, Stakeholder Analysis, Gap Analysis, Risk Management Plan, WiifMs and more.Details »
Design Thinking Templates

Design Thinking Templates

Tools and templates for the steps of the design thinking process including defining the problem, empathizing, ideation and prioritization of ideas, prototyping, and experimentation for assumption testing.Details »

Growth Platforms

upBOARD’s Growth Platforms app gives you an easy way to develop, evaluate, and select the platforms that will guide your strategy and innovation efforts. App Details »
Team Huddle Board

Huddle Boards

Allows teams to quickly and easily organize themselves around roles & responsibilities, key success factors, metrics and more. An essential app for any remote team or team that wants to go fully digital with its Huddle Board process.App Details »

Human Resources Templates

Includes many fundamental HR tools and templates including Competency Based Interviewing, Mentoring Action Plan, RACI Charts, Communications Plan, and Performance Management.Details »
Journey Map Process

Journey Mapping

Use the Journey Mapping app to define your current and future customer experience. Create unlimited steps across your journey map and use simple templates within each step to define the Actors, Touchpoints, Thoughts and Feelings of specific players across the map. Connect videos, images, files and ideas to each step as you define and innovate the overall journey and customer experience.App Details »
Kanban Board Team Collaboration

Kanban Board

Kanban board with team collaboration template for tracking project tasks and actions. Includes dashboard of to-do, in-progress, and completed tasks.App Details »
Key Performance Indicators KPI Dashboard

KPI Dashboard

The KPI Dashboard app helps you define, measure, and track the status the most important Key Performance Indicators for your team, department, or organization. The KPI Dashboard delivers full visibility into the measurable success factors essential for the successful implementation of goals, strategies, and projects.App Details »
Marketing Strategy Process

Marketing Strategy Templates

All the most fundamental marketing strategy tools including templates for the Brand Pyramid, the Four P’s, Customer Personas, Customer Journey Mapping, Segmentation, Value Proposition Development and more.Details »

Meeting Manager

The Meeting Manager app provides teams and team leaders with a simple yet powerful tool for creating structured meetings that drive focus and results. Capture action items as the meeting progresses, and assign actions to one or more “owners” with specific due dates.App Details »
OGSM Process

OGSM Framework

Use the OGSM Framework to define your strategic business objectives, the goals to support your objectives, the strategies to achieve your goals, and the measures to track success.
Product Portfolio Management

Product Portfolio

Generate and validate ideas using an advanced product and service concept development format including a portfolio management dashboard that delivers insights into the ratio and percentage of ideas by type, business opportunity, timeframe and more.
Project Management

Project Management Templates

All the most fundamental project management tools and templates in one place including task management, status and milestone tracking, Gantt charts and more. Two boards included for managing project team action plans and for running a project using a complete stage gate process.Details »
Project Management

Simple Project Management

upBOARD’s Simple Project Management app is an easy way to create and manage multiple projects. Add unlimited project records with different timelines and data.App Details »
Startup Pitch Process

Startup Pitch Process

Build a complete Startup Pitch that defines your market opportunity mission, 10x solution, minimal viable product (MVP), business model, competitive differentiation, and basic financials. Answer questions using forms that instantly transform your answers into a beautiful presentation that you can present to colleagues, investors and others directly from upBOARD.