upBOARD’s team collaboration software platform provides best practices tools for teams, enterprises, workgroups, and consultants to drive strategy, innovation, & business process management

upBOARD’s Technology – The “No-Code” SaaS Software Platform for Business Processes

Teams and organizations need to move faster than ever before. With the proliferation of online software tools and SaaS software platforms, finding the right turnkey technologies and tools has become an overwhelming and time-consuming challenge. Most teams end up cobbling together a myriad of solutions that don’t always work well together – email, cloud drives, instant messaging and chat, dashboards, spreadsheets, presentation software and a host of other technologies.

upBOARD is the world’s first no-code online software platform designed to support business process best practices. Our cloud based, SaaS technology provides instant access to out-of-the-box best business best practices. Easily customize and configure our growing library of best practices without any software coding knowledge or expertise. Or, build your own business processes from the ground up using our suite of widgets, queries, data linking tools, and wizards that transform static documents, presentations and spreadsheets into powerful collaborative processes and dashboards.

Creating the Future of Business Processes with No-Code Software

No Code Software Innovation
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Designed using a Kanban Board layout, upBOARD integrates features that link together the four success factors of all teams and organizations: plans, processes, progress dashboards, and people. upBOARD was developed from the ground-up using the principles of human centered design combined with advanced technology, all focused on transforming business processes.  Our “No-Code” approach delivers turn-key features and capabilities to all users, regardless of technology knowledge. Easily configure, customize, and design your own business processes with our drag and drop widgets, data filters and queries, APIs and more.

Features of Our “No Code” Software Platform

Boards and Cards Contain “Mini Applications” and “Widgets”

In the physical world, Kanban Boards in the form of white boards, for example, typically include post-it notes or pieces of paper. Most online Kanban Boards include digital representations of post-it notes or page and allow for text to be placed on their “cards.” upBOARD’s Kanban cards can include text but also mini software applications, or widgets. Cards can contain tables, spreadsheets, dynamic bar and pie charts, images with links, embedded iFrames and videos, and much, much more. Fully functional standalone apps within cards create unlimited possibilities around process workflows, dynamic dashboards, knowledge management, and more.

Kanban Board Cards
Kanban Widget Software

A “Widget Library” Powers Unlimited Custom Board and Card Designs

To build robust Kanban cards with compelling visuals, data, analytics, and various templates, it’s essential to have simple, user-friendly graphical-interface tools for the “card building” process.  upBOARD’s extensive widget library includes pre-formatted text, image libraries, document management, tables and spreadsheet libraries, and media.

Every Card is a Feature-Rich Web Page with a Unique URL

Because each card can contain its own widgets, any card can be designed as a standalone tool, template, or other application. As such, it becomes extremely powerful to link to, access, or make cards available through URLs just like a secure or publicly available web page. Cards can be accessed directly from a link, shared with individuals and teams as standalone tools, used as input forms or embedded into dashboards within and across cloud-based applications, business processes, and more.

Kanban Card URL Link
Tool Design Thinking Model Template

Business Best Practice Tools & Templates Create Unlimited Possibilities

The ability to build boards and cards with functional widgets unleashes the possibility of creating and scaling best practice tools, templates, and business processes. Experts with intellectual capital can create, share, and deliver their know-how instantly at a global scale – not just as a downloadable documents or presentations, but as completely interactive, dynamic, and collaborative tools and processes.

Boards and Cards Use “Triggers and Actions” to Enable Custom Business Processes

Whereas traditional Kanban Boards usually involve “drag and drop” cards, upBOARD also uses advanced data queries to deliver simple business process workflows. Defining a “trigger” like the click of an image or button launches a back-end script that leads to a defined “action” on the board, like moving a card to another column or revealing a new widget on an existing card. Triggers and actions turn a simple Kanban Board into a powerful rules-based business process.

Kanban Button Design
Kanban Data Linking

Internal Data Linking Supports Cross-Team Collaboration

Just about every team has dependencies on other individuals and teams to do their work and achieve their goals. upBOARD’s internal data linking features provide the option to share data across cards and boards to power tables, charts, graphs, and more. Based on administrator-defined security levels, teams can share data as inputs or output of a process, or to summarize progress through shared dashboards. Internal data linking ensures that boards and cards are always in synch so everyone is always on the same page with the latest information.

API Web Connectors Deliver Seamless Integration Across Applications

Most teams and organizations already use various tools to support their work. External data linking connects the world of cloud-based and SaaS applications to any upBOARD card or board. Connecting external data sources, whether documents or raw data, allows teams to tap into what’s already being successfully used while allowing for the seamless transition to simpler ways to organize work. API integrations include applications like Google Analytics, Google Drive, One Drive, Jira, and more.

Data and Document Integration
No-Code Software Workflow

“Workflow Wizards” Create Powerful Business Processes

Most teams piecemeal together static documents with collaboration tools in an attempt to simulate business processes. upBOARD’s Workflow Wizard empowers anyone to design step-by-step business processes that integrate best practice templates, real-time data, analytics dashboards, and team collaboration.

Visual Dashboards Give Focus to the Metrics that Matter

Most teams and organizations use spreadsheet and presentation software for manual reporting of “dashboards.” upBOARD’s dashboards continually draw upon data from one or more cards across one or more boards. These real-time dashboards reside within cards themselves, allowing for them to customized and designed, as well as accessed as web links, in an unlimited number of ways.

Tool - Balanced Scorecard Template
iFrame in Kanban

Frames Instantly Integrate External Websites, Content and Video

upBOARD’s cards can include “Frames” that bring in external websites and other applications. Embed intranet pages, external websites, or videos into any card or board. Open a full Googlesheet, for example, within a card to access an existing spreadsheet on a Google Drive. Or, embed a video tutorial on a best practice template to deliver real-time training on a business process.

Messaging & Notifications on Individual Cards Focus Team Collaboration

Since most traditional Kanban Boards are organized at the board level, any messaging or notifications occur at that level as well.  upBOARD’s messaging and notification system allows users to be assigned or opt-into the role of “follower” on individual cards. When cards are updated, followers can receive instant notifications within the system or by email. Team members can also post comments within a specific card itself, allowing for focused discussion around the specific data, template, or issues of the card, which ensures the most focused and productive discussion as possible.

Kanban Board Followers
Kanban Board Presentation Mode

Full-Screen Presentation Mode Engages Others & Saves Time

Many teams and their leaders spend countless hours building update presentations for their own managers and other teams. upBOARD provides the ability to display individual cards in full screen mode, including the ability to scroll up, down, and across boards – essentially eliminating the need to build standalone presentations since all data and dashboards are always current and beautifully displayed.

Search Data and Best Practices Across Cards, Boards, Teams & Organizations

Few Kanban Boards provide the ability to search, let alone search across boards, other teams’ and organization’s boards. Depending on the security and permissions structure, upBOARD provides the ability to break down team and organizational silos and search both structured and unstructured data across widgets, cards, and boards.

Search Kanban Board
Kanban User Owner

Board & Card Ownership Permissions Promote Team Accountability

Most Kanban Boards provide “general access” so that everyone with access to the board can view and edit its contents. upBOARD’s advanced permissions model provides multiple options for board access, content management, and security. “Owners” can be assigned to individual cards, for example, giving them accountability for managing the content of the cards.

Unlimited Applications for Any Team, Business or Organization

Most Kanban Boards are general tools. It’s up to the team to configure and populate them with content to make them meaningful for collaboration. upBOARD’s advanced technology platform, along with proven business best practices from leading experts, delivers out-of-the-box scalable applications and processes for just about any industry application, team, business, or organization.

Kanban Board Template
Best Practice Template Tool Marketplace

A Growing Marketplace of Business Processes, Tools & Templates

Unlike most software providers that focus on individual tools, upBOARD’s community of business thought leaders, consultants, consulting firms and subject matter experts is building the world’s largest marketplace of business process apps across industries and business functions. The upBOARD App Store contains both free and Premium work processes, tools and templates to help any team or organization get going instantly in whatever they are doing.

The problem with most software tools is that they’re “tools” – teams need to incorporate them into their existing myriad of other collaboration software platforms they’re using, adding to the proliferation of login IDs and general collaboration tool overload. Today’s teams need more than the status quo – they need their complete business strategies, business processes, data analytics, metrics dashboards, documents, and collaboration all woven together into a coherent whole. That’s exactly what we’re creating with upBOARD — the next generation no-code software platform for business process best practices.

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