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Uncovering emerging trends. Tracking the competitive landscape. Identifying new business opportunities. Defining strategic goals and objectives. Creating a compelling business strategy involves both art and science.

Whether you’re running a team, business unit, or entire enterprise, upBOARD’s Business Strategy Software Platform gives you a scalable solution for driving strategic success. upBOARD gives you the best of the best business strategy practices and processes, instantly out-of-the-box. We’ve integrated the best principles and practices from the business strategy field to give your team and organization exactly what it needs to define a differentiated strategy supported by a phased roadmap for execution.

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Most strategy teams cobble together models, tools, and templates from a range of sources. People read books, create PowerPoint slides with the latest framework, and then piecemeal together a business strategy. It’s haphazard at best, takes a significant amount of time, and often results in a static document that’s outdated the moment it’s presented.

upBOARD guides your team through the specific steps needed to create and execute your business strategy. Using upBOARD’s Strategy Command Center, your business strategy becomes a living “board” that’s always on, always current, and always available for everyone to see. Our robust dashboards ensure your team is in synch on your most important metrics and action plans. upBOARD allows you to keep everyone aligned, hold fewer status meetings, and do more of the things that actually drive results.

Never Start from Scratch Again. Get Going Immediately with Business Strategy Best Practices from the World’s Leading Experts.

Our strategic thinking, models, and tools have appeared in Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, and other leading media. And our software reflects our expertise – by integrating the world’s leading-edge strategy processes, templates, and metrics dashboards from the latest business strategy best practices.

Our software platform gives you everything you need to jump start your team and organization, instantly out-of-the-box. We’ve integrated the best principles and practices from the latest business strategy trends and global experts, including:

Tool - Balanced Scorecard Template

Balanced Scorecard

A Balanced Scorecard is a model that summarizes an organization’s high-level strategic goals, initiatives designed to reach those goals, and metrics, or key performance indicators, that monitor success over time, and shows how they are connected to the mission, vision, and core values of the organization. It is a strategic planning tool used ubiquitously in organizational management that clearly and concisely communicates what the organization has set out to achieve and how it proposes to do it.Learn More »
Tool - Business Model Canvas Template

Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is a template for developing a new business model or clarifying the elements of an existing business model. It is a “canvas” or chart that describes a firm’s value proposition, infrastructure, partnerships, value proposition, customers, finances and other strategic and operational dimensions of the business.Learn More »
Tool - Competitive Analysis Template

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis is the process of identifying your company’s competitors and evaluating their strategies in order to reveal their relative strengths and weaknesses and discover opportunities for how to position your company to achieve competitive advantage.Learn More »
Tool - Contingency Planning Template

Contingency Planning

Contingency Planning is a methodical and systematic process for preparing for and developing a course of action in the face of unexpected events that can adversely impact your business.Learn More »
Tool - Core Competencies Analysis Template

Core Competence Analysis

Core Competence Analysis is the process of identifying a company’s fundamental strengths and attributes that are unique and serve to differentiate it from its competitors, as well as how to capitalize on these core capabilities to build sustained competitive advantage. To be a true core competency, it must be relevant to the needs of customers such that they are strongly compelled to purchase your product or service, it must be difficult for competitors to imitate, and it must be applicable to a wide variety of potential markets accessible to the company.Learn More »
Tool - Critical Success Factors Template

Critical Success Factors

Critical Success Factors are the core actions that underlie an organization’s strategic objectives that must be accomplished at the highest level possible in order to achieve the overall goals and mission of the organization.Learn More »
Tool - Discovery Driven Planning Template

Discovery Driven Planning

Discovery Driven Planning is a business process tool that distinguishes between traditional business planning and the planning required for new business ventures. Whereas traditional planning processes focus on clear goals with specific projections, Discovery Driven Planning can be used for internal corporate ventures and start-ups where the future is highly uncertain and contains many assumptions.Learn More »
Tool - Five Forces Analysis Map Template

Five Forces Model

The Five Forces Model, also called Porter’s Five Forces Framework, is a tool for analyzing a business’ competition and competitive environment. The model looks at five forces within any industry to determine the state of the competitive the environment and as a result, the implications for how profitable the industry could be and business strategies for driving success.Learn More »
Tool - Force Field Analysis Template

Force Field Analysis

Force Field Analysis is a framework for analyzing and responding to the positive and negative factors that impact a business situation, strategic issue, or business opportunity.Learn More »
Tool - Gap Analysis Template

Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis is a method of determining how an organization’s current state differs from its desired future state and the steps it needs to take to achieve desired performance results.Learn More »
Tool - Mission Statement Template

Mission Statement

A Mission Statement defines the fundamental purpose for why a company exists and may include aspects of the organization’s scope and values.Learn More »
Tool - PEST Analysis Template

PEST Analysis

PEST Analysis is a standard business practice of evaluating the Political, Economic, Social, and Technological dimensions that can impact your organization and its markets. Its purpose is to identify potential threats and opportunities coming from the external environment over which the organization has no control but must anticipate when making strategic decisions.Learn More »
Tool - Portfolio Management Template

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management centralizes the management of all projects across an organization and their associated components, such as goals, resources, staffing, timeline, and budgets. Portfolio Management provides a high-level overview of the business’ projects and requirements, which allows managers to more effectively prioritize and implement upcoming projects based on ROI, risk factors, and strategic fit. In its broadest sense, Portfolio Management can be applied to any set of projects, but it is most often applied to business strategy and new product innovation management.Learn More »
Tool - Purpose Statement Template

Purpose Statement

The Purpose Statement defines the basic customer needs the organization exists to fulfill. Not associated with a definitive end point, time frame, or deadline, Purpose Statements essentially answer the question “what business are we in?” in a broad yet focused way.Learn More »
Tool - Scenario Planning Development Online Template

Scenario Planning

Scenario Planning is a process for businesses to think about and plan for the future. Also known as scenario development or scenario analysis, the process typically involves identify external trends and disruptors, exploring how the future could unfold, what the consequences would be for the business, and how to respond.Learn More »
Tool - SOAR Strategy Analysis Template


SOAR stands for strengths, opportunities, aspirations and results and is a strategic planning tool used as an alternative to a SWOT analysis. It uses “appreciative inquiry” principles to identify an organization’s strengths, opportunities, and ambitions and reframes the negative connotations associated with weaknesses and threats included in a SWOT analysis to avoid resistance and mobilize commitment towards the organization’s desired future state.Learn More »
Tool - Strategic Goals Template

Strategic Goals

Strategic Goals are the high-level, overarching objectives that an organization sets out to achieve over a set timeframe. They articulate what the organization plans to do to fulfill its mission and vision, and they form the foundation for designing and implementing strategic initiatives, which are the actual projects and programs that get implemented in service of accomplishing the Strategic Goals.Learn More »
Tool - SWOT Analysis Map Template

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning tool that explores an organization’s internal and external environment, including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.Learn More »
Tool - Triple Bottom Line Template

Triple Bottom Line

The Triple Bottom Line is a framework for measuring an organization’s performance along three dimensions: people, planet, and profit, or the “3 Ps.” A theory of corporate social responsibility, businesses that employ the Triple Bottom Line take responsibility for the impact they have on people and the planet, not solely focus on profits, by making the well-being of their employees, communities, and the environment a core component of its strategy and vision for long-term sustainability.Learn More »
Tool - Values Statement Template

Values Statement

Values Statements articulate an organization’s core beliefs and principles that drive performance and behavior. They contain the essential and enduring tenets of an organization.Learn More »
Tool - Vision Statement Template

Vision Statement

Vision Statements define and describe the vibrant future an organization wishes to create and achieve. The intention of a vision is to guide, inspire, and motivate people to reach the desired end state for the organization.Learn More »

The Future of Business Strategy is Strategy Development and Strategy Execution – Both at the Same Time.

When it comes to developing and executing business strategy, few organizations engage executives, teams, employees and partners in a truly collaborative model. According to Harvard Business Review, less than 70% of employees know the top three strategies of their companies. The reason? After strategy is developed, it’s “handed off” to those who execute and implement.

upBOARD’s flexible Strategy Command Center software platform transforms your strategy process into a living “board” that’s always on and available for everyone to use and see. With your plans, process, and progress metrics in a single place, upBOARD allows you to assign and engage individuals and teams as owners of specific strategies, metrics, and process steps to ensure accountability. We help you keep everyone up to speed and on board in ways that accelerate decision-making, action, and business results.

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