Instantly access an entire process with all the templates and tools needed to build your business strategy.

Uncovering emerging trends. Tracking the competitive landscape. Identifying new business opportunities. Defining strategic goals and objectives. Creating a compelling business strategy involves both art and science.

upBOARD gives you the best of the best business strategy practices and processes, instantly out-of-the-box. We’ve integrated the best principles and practices from the business strategy field to give your team and organization exactly what it needs to define a differentiated strategy supported by a phased roadmap for execution.

Business Strategy Templates & Dashboard Software

Engage your team in “living” collaborative dashboards to create your strategy, capture metrics, and accelerate execution.

Most strategy teams cobble together models, tools, and templates from a range of sources. People read books, create PowerPoint slides with the latest framework, and then piecemeal together a business strategy. It’s haphazard at best, takes a significant amount of time, and often results in a static document that’s outdated the moment it’s presented.

upBOARD guides your team through the specific steps needed to create and execute your business strategy. Using upBOARD, your strategy becomes a living “board” that’s always on, always current, and always available for everyone to see. upBOARD allows you to keep everyone aligned, hold fewer status meetings, and do more of the things that actually drive results.


upBOARD’s team collaboration software platform provides best practices tools for teams, enterprises, workgroups, and consultants to drive strategy, innovation, & business process management

Help your team quiet the chaos and focus on what really matters.