Matthew E. May is a strategy and innovation advisor and author of five five critically acclaimed business books, including The Elegant Solution and Winning the Brain Game.

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How to Use Strategic Observations to Drive Innovation and Business Strategy

Want to be a better innovator? Learn how to make strategic observations so you can drive innovation and business strategy. Finding the best way to make strategic observations to drive innovation and overarching business strategy on a regular basis is challenging for most businesses. Most organizations manage to gather information from their customers without much…

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How to Support Internal Functions Business Planning for Strategy & Innovation

Want to Support Business Planning & Strategy for Internal Corporate Functions? Use these Tips to Create Strategies & Plans for Internal Functions. Many large organizations lack structures to support internal function business planning. Because of this, business strategy and innovation strategy become difficult to manage and are often seen as out of scope for internal…

Six Sigma Innovation Process

Innovation Design Thinking Process for Six Sigma Black Belts

Innovation Test Stumps Six Sigma Design Thinking Process Experts Children outperform Six Sigma Black Belts in innovation design thinking, when it comes to the simple marshmallow tower exercise. The innovation test proves that trial and error, collaboration and small wins triumph over analytical thinking every time. Consider the implications for your own innovation process and…